Top rated professional golfers invest a lot of time and effort into cultivating their game. The resources they utilize are carefully considered to help them take their skills to the highest level possible. Brooks Koepka, champion of the 2019 PGA Championship and number one rated player in the Official World Golf Ranking, is evidence of this.

The discipline it requires to master your skills takes enormous amounts of knowledge, which is why Brooks Koepka is an undisputed authority on the subject. He has tested wisdom to share along with the experience his practiced technical ability has to offer. This combination can be key to steady improvement in your game, because good golf requires both physical attributes as well as strength of mind.

Brooks first spent time on the golf course when he was 10 years old and an accident in his babysitter’s car left him unable to play contact sports for a summer. From there he developed his passion for the game and embarked on a life mission to excel at it. Throughout his career, he has maintained that patience is a factor in his ability to focus.

His physical game of golf has depended on not only his skills, but the input of others as well. His drive has been coached by Claude Harmon and his chip and wedge shots by Pete Cohen. Hours upon hours of practice have shaped his beliefs and the way he approaches his game.

At the tee, Koepka focuses on staying relaxed. He sets up a wider stance to club to maximize his balance through the duration of his swing, and he tilts his center away from the ball. He does not initiate his swing until he feels completely at ease. His grip allows for the perfect release of the club through his swing with a snap-like action after impact with the target. He achieves this by holding the club more with his fingers than in the palm of his hand.

Follow through positioning is critical too. Koepka lets his hips and body rotate together away from the ball, yet tries to stay relaxed in his arms and hands through the top of his swing. He hits down through the ball and the turf. His stance stays anchored and calm without any lurching toward the target.

With chipping, pitches and wedge shots, Koepka narrows his stance and controls the club through a torso pivot. When putting, he believes your lower body should stay as still as possible while hitting out through the middle of the club face. This technique controls the distance of your put that is so vital for low numbers on the score card.

Golf is a fickle game in several respects, yet you’ve got to keep your vision positive. When fans turned on him at the PGA Championship in Bethpage, Koepka turned the negative energy into fuel to focus, and he eventually won the tournament by two stokes. Perseverance and positivity are required to learn the tips from those who have crafted them, and unquestionably Brooks Koepka has the insights to help your game.