Learning any new sport can be a challenge, but picking up some things are significantly more challenging than others. Going snowboarding for the first time will invariably prove to be far more challenging than picking up a sport like tennis or golf, for a wide number of reasons. That being said, there are a number of things you can do to prepare to help make your first snowboarding experience a fairly smooth and pleasant one. Here are three tips for beginning snowboarders.

Get in shape
While it may seem as if riding down a slope requires very little in the way of physical fitness, you might be surprised at how physically challenging snowboarding can be. In addition, most resorts reside in a higher altitude, particularly in mountain states like Colorado, Utah and Idaho. Oxygen concentrations are thinner at higher altitudes, which makes everything from walking to climbing a slight hill more challenging. Developing core stability and balance will also go a long way towards helping you quickly and easily master the basics.

Get the right equipment
Having the right equipment will not only make it easier to learn, it can also make it more comfortable and even protect you from injury. One thing you can count in when learning to snowboard is falling on your butt repeatedly. Not only can butt pads make this less painful, but they can also help protect your spine. A helmet will also help protect your head from injury and wearing the right layers of clothing can help keep you comfortable in all types of weather. Boots, boards and bindings also have specific features that make them better for beginning, intermediate or experienced riders, so be sure you have the right equipment there as well.

Take lessons
In some ways, learning to snowboard can be fairly simple and you may or may not need a lot of help to do it. That being said, however, if you don’t start off with the right fundamentals, you may end up developing bad habits early on that you will later have to relearn if you want to progress any further. One of the best ways to ensure you progress smoothly from a beginning to an intermediate to an advanced rider is by making sure your fundamental skills are solid right from the start by learning directly from more experienced riders.