Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean you need to retreat to the indoors and stay there until spring. With cooler temperatures, fall is the perfect time to plan a trip to the golf course. Instead of just visiting your same old club, plan a trip out of state and visit somewhere new. Visiting various golf courses around the country, and still staying within your budget, will offer you another breathtaking experience during this fall. Here are some golf courses you should make it a point to visit this season.


Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

This is one of the golf courses around the country that has hosted some of the premier sporting events over the last three centuries. It’s no wonder that the most premier and oldest golfing event, USGA’s U. S. Open  has been held here for a number of times. People will quickly realize the architecture in this facility has remained for more than fifty years without being altered. The golf course, which offers one of the most aesthetic user experience, was designed by renowned architects, William D. Flynn, and C. B. Macdonald.


Neshanic Valley Golf Course

This is a golf course that makes individuals wish they had a home in New Jersey. With picturesque gardens, People will not leave this place without taking some pictures to show their friends and family. The value of this course strikes a person when they realize how difficult it is to book. Non-locals are required to reserve one or two weeks earlier, which is a clear indication of the value and demand for this facility. The advantage is that it is affordable to pay for a monthly or annual subscription.


Ballyowen Golf Resort

Inspired by Scottish culture, Ballyowen is a golf course that will undoubtedly provide individuals with a taste of  Scotland design and golfing activities. It is ranked among the top golf courses in New Jersey due to the prime facilities and adequately maintained gardens. It is built near the Wallkill River, which gives golfers a pleasant and a cool breeze as they enjoy their weekends. The facility provides nightclubs and other clubbing areas that are hard to come by in other golf courses around the state.