Social media has brought the world closer together, and when people are looking for some great snowboarders to inspire them, Instagram has no shortage of entertaining snowboarders doing front board dub 12’s and more! Someone who loves the sport could easily find themselves lost in the art as they comb through photo after outstanding photo of great tricks, and perhaps they even pick up a few tips from these world-class boarders.

Torah Bright

Easily one of the best snowboarders on Instagram, individuals can tell that Torah loves boarding, as she’s full of life. Torah has 191,000 Instagram followers, and this Olympic champion shows everything from selfies to freeriding action shots. Torah is someone that has a laugh that is infectious, and people can’t help but love her.

Dean Blotto Gray

Dean has 68,000 Instagram followers, and he’s a professional photographer, as well as a snowboarder, that had taken the world by storm. Dean has documented some of the most interesting riders in the world of snowboarding.

Anna Gasser

With 328,000 Instagram follower, Anna makes for one of the bigger snowboarding accounts on Instagram. This female Olympic champion became the first female who landed the Cap Triple 1260. This Austrian has a bubbly personality that people can’t help but love, and she works hard at making some of the best photos for Instagram.

Jerry of the Day

Easily one of the most entertaining snowboarders that people will find on Instagram, Jerry of the Day does things that most other people can’t even fathom like doing triple backflips or quad corks. It all adds up to an extremely entertaining Instagram account that is fun to watch.

John Jackson

Sporting a full beard and luscious long locks, John Jackson stands out as an incredible snowboarder that takes some amazing photos. As people follow him on Instagram, he takes people through rough backcountry terrains.

These are some of the snowboarders on Instagram that make sense to follow. People won’t regret checking out these accounts because of how each of them continues to push the limits of what is possible, and they have turned the sport of snowboarding into art with their amazing photos and stunning videos that are sure to grab a person’s attention. It doesn’t get much better than these guys.