It’s time to start thinking about winter vacations and there is not better vacation than one that involves skiing! Whether your trip is to a local slope or a week long excursion, the following tips will help you prepare for your next trip to the slopes.

Get in shape
Skiing requires a lot of energy and will definitely leave your muscles sore after a long day on the slopes. The better physical shape your body is in, the longer you’ll be able to stay out on the slopes and enjoy your trip. Physical activities like jogging, going to the gym, cycling or anything that gets your endurance levels up will help you out on the mountain.

Make a packing list
This is the most essential thing to do when planning a trip. It’s important to bring the right things when skiing so you can enjoy your time both on and off the slopes. The list can be started a month before your trip and things can be added to it as you think about what you need. Dividing your packing list up into sections (clothing for skiing, clothing for off mountain time, toiletries, gadgets, etc.) will make sure that everything you need is safely packed into your luggage or ski bag.

Tune up your skis
While this can be done at the resort before you hit the slopes on the first day, it can also be done before you even leave for your trip. Tuning up your gear helps insure you are safe on the mountain.

Pre-trip skiing
If you live in an area that offers indoor skiing, hit the indoor slope to improve your balance and get back the feeling of being on skis again. If indoor skiing isn’t an option for you, it’s okay to hit the slopes outdoors. Just try not to over do it while out on the course. This is also a great time for beginners the chance to become more familiar with being buckled into skis as well as being out on the slopes.

Schedule your ski rentals ahead of time
If you aren’t bringing your own equipment, make sure you schedule your rental ahead of time. This is especially important if you’re planning on going during a busy time. It also allows you to make sure you are getting the exact equipment you want. Resorts vary in what can be rented, but most carry the standard ski equipment: skis, ski boots, ski poles, helmets, and some resorts also offer rentals of ski jackets and pants.

Using these tips will ensure that your upcoming ski trip will be one for the record books!