Most snowboarding tricks are easy and best practiced when the snow is fairly soft. Injury is always a possibility when learning new tricks, and it is not wise to be unrealistic. Pushing a little is good, pushing too hard can cause a bad technique, injuries and decreased confidence.

Ollies teach the snowboarder how to become airborne, but in a way where confidence can be built. This will additionally teach the landing technique. The snowboarder must refrain from any bad habits because this will make tricks and big jumps later much harder. When learning ollies, begin on a gentle slope, with light traffic. Too much traffic makes it more difficult and the snowboarder risks taking out someone else.

Manuals are also called presses or wheelies. The snowboarder can do nose manuals or tail manuals. These are fairly easy, and help when complex tricks are attempted later. The manual is when the snowboarder balances on either side of the nose or tail while riding. The snowboarder can ride, jump, or trick into a manual.

One step up from a manual is a butter, This is when the snowboarder does a spin while balancing on the nose or tail of the snowboard. There are a lot of different variations of butters, and these can be used as a part of numerous other tricks. Manuals must be learned before attempting butters. The snowboarder should have the basic grasp of the maneuver before progressing onto something else.

Prior to performing the ground 180s, it is important the snowboarder has both learned, and become comfortable with ollies. The snowboarder has to be capable of getting off the ground, and be comfortable with landings. Ground 180s can be performed from a normal, goofy or regular stance. When landing, the stance is switched to the normal stance.

The frontside 180 should be performed from both directions. Prior to advancing to the backside 180, and numerous additional tricks, the snowboarder must be comfortable with the frontside 180. The are many different types of 180’s the snowboarder can perform, but this requires the snowboarder to be comfortable when on the ground first. Once this has been accomplished, it becomes possible to do jibs, jumps, grabs and much more. The foundation for learning 540s and 360s are the 180s.