The immense variety of wildlife on the planet contributes to the rich diversity, health and beauty of the earth. Unfortunately, many of these animals and their habitats are facing extinction and other serious threats. Although disheartening, there are numerous organizations proactively engaged in protecting vulnerable wildlife. Here are five of the most reputable animal welfare and wildlife conservation charities.


The World Wildlife Fund

This organization has worked for decades to protect endangered species and other wildlife and their habitats worldwide. They also put forth extensive efforts to help humans and wild animals coexist together in ways that are beneficial to both. They have contributed to the preservation of the black rhino in Africa and other species that were at high risk of extinction.


The Animal Welfare Institute

The AWI focuses on protecting animals from cruel treatment by humans. This includes actively working to end the inhumane treatment and living conditions of animals in slaughterhouses and laboratory testing facilities.


The Wildlife Conservation Society

In addition to their relentless efforts to protect the world’s wildlife and ecosystems, the Wildlife Conservation Society has a strong commitment to educational outreach. They are helping create a community that works together to preserve and care for endangered wildlife and their habitats by inspiring the public to cultivate a deeper understanding of wildlife, the environment and the role people play in protecting them.


The Gorilla Doctors

This charity supports a group of specialized veterinarians who work with mountain and lowland gorillas, providing them with the medical care they need. They also provide health care for the people who live and work in or near the gorilla habitat.


Defenders of Wildlife

Through their extensive conservation efforts, Defenders of Wildlife strive to protect and preserve endangered wildlife and plants. Some of the animals they’ve helped safeguard include polar bears and bison. They are also actively involved in issues surrounding climate change.


These charities are non-profit and depend on donations, grants and volunteers to help them achieve their missions of protecting and preserving the earth’s diverse wildlife and environments. While not everyone has the time to be actively involved in animal rights and protection, there are many ways individuals and businesses can contribute to these organizations and help make a difference.