Skiing and snowboarding are incredibly fun ways to stay healthy, enjoy the cold, snowy weather, and explore the great outdoors. For those just beginning their adventures in these sports/leisure activities, there are a few things you need to know to get the most out of your day. Take a look at the suggestions below, so you can feel like a pro sooner rather than later. 

Get there Early

Avoid having to park at the back of the lot, especially if you are bringing your own gear. When you’re new to a sport or activity, getting geared up and ready to go can take longer until you familiarize yourself with the equipment. Getting to the slopes early gives you time to park, beat the crowds, get geared up, and store your personal items without feeling rushed.

Keep Your Boots Warm

It’s cold enough outside, so make sure to keep your feet warm so you can stay out on the slopes for longer. Cold, stiff boots are much harder to get into and won’t feel quite right when they are on your feet. Make sure you keep your feet warm from the beginning of the day to the end by keeping your boots warm in the car or the ski lodge. 

Stay Fueled and Hydrated

Regardless of your experience level, skiing and snowboarding are rigorous activities that can leave you feeling drained without the proper fuel and hydration. Eat a well-balanced breakfast and have healthy snacks on hand for when hunger inevitably strikes. Hydration is essential, even in cooler temperatures. The dry air can quickly dehydrate you and cause muscle cramping, so make sure to bring water to keep your body functioning at peak capacity.

Protect Your Skin

Sunburn is a real problem, even in the winter. Sun reflects off of the snow and can cause major damage to your skin. Make sure to take precautions by applying sunscreen every few hours or as needed to avoid painful sunburns!

Regulate Your Temperature

It’s difficult to find the right balance between keeping warm in between skiing or snowboarding sessions and not overheating during them. Wear appropriate clothing that you can unzip or vent to keep your temperature regulated. Excessive sweating can lead to dehydration and the chills while not enough clothing can lead to hypothermia. It make take some trial and error but finding the perfect balance is well worth your time. 

Pace Yourself

Doing any activity for the first time can be exhausting both physically and mentally. Knowing your limits and knowing when to take breaks can make your day much more enjoyable. Pace yourself throughout the day, so you can enjoy more time skiing or snowboarding while also avoiding injury and exhaustion.