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Fun Snowboard Tricks to Master

Most snowboarding tricks are easy and best practiced when the snow is fairly soft. Injury is always a possibility when learning new tricks, and it is not wise to be unrealistic. Pushing a little is good, pushing too hard can cause a bad technique, injuries and decreased confidence. Ollies teach the snowboarder how to become

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Parts of a Golf Course

On any 9 or 18 hole golf course, there are five major components that make up the golf course; most holes contain all five, but take a look at what to expect the next time you hit the links. Tee Box Every golf hole starts with a shot from the tee box. The tee box

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How to Strengthen Your Short Game

When most people think about losing strokes off of their handicap, a pretty common thought that comes to mind is hitting the range and working on driving the ball longer off the tee. While that may be beneficial for some people, the key to losing the most strokes off your score is working on your

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The Dangers of the Illegal Pet Trade

Every year, there are hundreds of millions of animals and plants that are taken from the wild and then sold to the public. Much of this is fine, as it is legal and does not harm wild populations of flora and fauna. However, a large percentage of it is actually illegal and potentially very harmful

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The Snowboarding Gear You Need to Get You on the Slopes

There's nothing like a day of snowboarding with friends. The beautiful views, the adrenaline rush, and the simple fun to be had all combine to keep you coming back for more. Before you hit the slopes, though, there are some important items to consider to ensure you stay warm and dry all day long. While

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Golf Clubs Decoded

Golf clubs are the tools of the trade in advancing a golf ball on the course. Three components make up a golf club: the head, the shaft and the grip. The current rules that govern golf do place constraints on the design of clubs; however, the makers try to maximize the physics of a golfer's

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