Andres Manuel Olivares Miranda is the President of Lits Group INC (a company incorporated in Panama) and the Director of D-Bike CA.

He is a forward-thinking businessman with years of expertise in importing, marketing and sales, and brand management. Outside of his career, Mr. Olivares is also passionate about a variety of hobbies and activities. This blog is dedicated to some of Mr. Olivares’ favorite recreational interests.

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Mr. Olivares is a longtime sports enthusiast, as evidenced by his professional history in the world of cycling, mountain biking, and more. As the Director of D-Bike CA he deals with some of the most prestigious brands in the industry, such as Cervelo, Kona, Rocky Mountain, Lizard Skins, Xlab, Hed, Castelli, and Rotor. Prior to this Mr. Olivares made his mark in diverse roles managing the representation and distribution of BMW, Peugeot, and Ducati to Venezuela. He also later worked directly The Bavarian Auto Group.

In addition to his professional involvement with these sports, Mr. Olivares is interested in practicing many sports and athletic activities on a personal level. These include cycling, motocross, triathlons, golf, and snowboarding.

Andres Manuel Olivares Miranda is also a lover of animals. He strongly supports the protection and conservation of wildlife, especially the African rhinoceros. Now more than ever, it is crucial that we aim to protect diverse animal species, prevent their endangerment or even extinction, and support local ecosystems.


Mr. Olivares attended Universidad Santa María, a private university located in Venezuela. For eight years he oversaw the representation and distribution of BMW (BMW Motorrad), Peugeot, and Ducati (Ducati Motor Holding) to Venezuela through Eurocar. Eventually the BMW brand was passed to The Bavarian Auto Group and Mr. Olivares was hired to handle the Bavarian Auto Group’s General Management needs. He also managed relations between their local offices and their headquarters in Germany.

Mr. Olivares then began to pursue his studies once more. He studied numerous courses specializing in marketing in Manchester, UK while continuing to work for the Bavarian Auto Group in various challenging capacities, including introducing the MINI brand to the Venezuelan market. Mr. Olivares’ final professional role prior to his current career was CEO of Finalca Casa de Bolsa, a Venezuelan corporation. At Finalca Casa de Bolsa he was responsible for optimizing financial products, ensuring the quality of the services offered, coordinating and supervising the activities of the Sales Advisors.


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